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No Other Company offers S.R. Snodgrass IT Group’s Unique Combination of Remote Attack & Penetration Audit Capabilities and Services.

Remote Information Technology Services

With travel restrictions and an increase in cybercrime, S.R. Snodgrass’s Technology Services Group has refined its services to better serve clients. No Other Company offers S.R. Snodgrass IT Group’s Unique Combination of Remote Attack & Penetration Audit Capabilities and Services.

Remote Information Technology Services

No Other Company offers S.R. Snodgrass IT Group’s Unique Combination of Remote Attack & Penetration Audit Capabilities and Services.
Snodgrass IT - Remote Network Security

Remote Information Technology Audit Services

Over time, we’ve mastered our Remote IT Audit Service. Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from clients regarding the many associated benefits, we now offer this service at no additional cost, but are still happy to perform audits on site if desired. We are involved in more than 100 audit projects per year across multiple states for our banking clients. Here are just some of the benefits of a Remote IT Audit from S.R. Snodgrass:

SR Snodgrass Auditing Services

Elimination of travel-related costs.

More effective communication.

We utilize a proprietary product for secure video, audio, and screensharing capabilities that allows us to set up designated interview times and daily status meetings with multiple employees within your organization. This system allows for stricter scheduling of interviews and meetings, which keeps the audit more structured and efficient, with no unscheduled interruptions to your staff.

We provide your organization with a software package,

along with training, to pull the Active Directory users reports and NTFS reports necessary to complete the Windows portion of your IT audit. Following testing, our clients retain this software for their own network and file and folder permission reviews.

Snodgrass Attach & Penetration services

Remote Network Security Attack & Penetration Testing Services

S.R. Snodgrass has historically performed internal network security Attack and Penetration testing at our clients’ sites. To streamline the process, our IT Audit team created remote keys that we ship to clients, allowing us to function exactly as if we were on site.

We stress the importance of a mix between automated software and manual tasks during Attack and Penetration testing. A simple preliminary call allows us to determine setup needs prior to shipping the remote key. Clients need only to plug the remote key into their network and attach a power supply to be ready for testing. Unlike most companies, we employ seven layers of security features on these devices to ensure the safety of our clients’ networks and data.

Building on a Legacy of Leadership

S.R. Snodgrass is an independent accounting and consulting firm that specializes in auditing and assurance, internal audit and regulatory compliance outsourcing, information technology audit, network security attack and penetration testing, business consulting, risk management, and tax management. We serve approximately 160 financial institutions, which enables us to identify hot topics and opportunities.

Our Clients Say It Best


“Our IT audit was done entirely remotely this year due to COVID-19 concerns. The audit went very smoothly, and our team had daily interaction via email, phone calls, and scheduled web meetings with the Snodgrass team.

Snodgrass was extremely responsive and able to connect at any time to go over a document request or other concerns, to ensure the audit was always on track and moving forward. The flexibility of Snodgrass to perform a remote IT audit allowed us to stay within our timelines for our internal audit plan and proved to be a seamless process.”

– Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Support Officer


“It really makes it efficient for the bank, eliminating travel expenses and the need for a physical location to put people (exam room, parking, etc.). Using S.R. Snodgrass’s remote conferencing product worked out very well. It was easy to use and still allowed bank staff to interact with the auditors. The email communication and scheduling of meetings opposed to phone calls and unexpected office visits allows us to better schedule the day to make sure we’re working with the auditors while keeping up on our daily functions. Snodgrass did a great job working with our schedules to ensure the process moved as smoothly as possible.”

– Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Support Officer

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